Cold Fusion Technology (CFT) is different, 30 years in development, it is designed to eliminate the two biggest causes of damage to your hair, Heat & Glue. It uses ‘cold’ ultrasonic pulses to bond ‘V’ shaped keratin tips around your hair. (The ultrasonic pulses are not audible to the human ear, are nor painful or uncomfortable in anyway.)


The bond is flat so that it will sit comfortably near your scalp while being virtually invisible and easily forgotten once wearing. You'll also notice that this flat bond will spread the hair out giving a flat even spread of hair where as traditional 'rolled' extensions can make the extension more of a 'tube'.


In this way the hair extensions remains firmly fixed while in use and then in two easy steps can be slid off without damage to your own hair.

The drop/fall: Old style extension bonds would often see a few extensions fall within the few days, this was normal but might mean a return for maintenance, with CFT drop/fall is pretty much a thing of the past unless you physically pull them out. 




Advantage of cold fusion extensions is that it could last longer compared to extensions that were installed using hot fusion. In addition, due to the flexibility of keratin-based polymer, your extensions will never be stiff and unnatural-looking hair.


This hair extensions method uses no type of heat.


They are ideal for people with,

  • Thin or very fine hair
  • Extra volume (like Cheryl Cole & Katie Price
  • Afro-Caribbean
  • European hair

If you want to achieve natural looking, 100% human hair extensions that can match your natural hair color, then cold fusions extensions are the best option for you. With these kinds of extensions, you will have longer, thicker and plumper hair than you ever had before.


Extensions will last for 3-6 months.